Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kobe 1x St. Alfredx Sole Collector -Chicago

The City of Wind wrapped their arms around this brother like it were the City of Brotherly Love. The planning and the execution of the event was off the chain. A true collaboration that shows the world that the sneakerhead community can get together, have fun, talk kicks, especially considering the drama of the day- who did and didn't cop the Air Jordan Defining Moments Package. This BIG MAN, didn't get the Package , but I'm on the grind. You KNOW how I DO!!

Lupe Fiasco was in the building fresh from Canton, Massachusetts and inking a deal with Reebok. Look for some Fiasco inspired kicks in Fall 2006. Thanks for the love Lupe and I'm going to be in touch for sure.

Two pair of Chicago inspired Kobe 1 "Mamba" kicks were auctioned and raised $2,500 benefitting the Chicago Public School System. Thank you to all the men and women that bid on the kicks and did your thing for a good cause. The kicks are off the hook and the bamboo box, that accompanies them, is truly a piece of art. The next event Kobe event is taking place at REED Space on Monday, January 30, 2006 in New York City.

Mad shout outs to St. Alfred-Ian, Krabby, Chane and the Crazy Brazilian cat (don't let cats borrow your G-string unless they pay you mad loot.) Nike Basketball peeps- Charles and Andy. You did a phenomenal job and without you, this event would have not been a success. Mad love to some other Nike employees Errol and Loyal.

A platinum shout out to the one and only Larry Harper from Nike. Without you, this would not have happened!

Peace & Pounds to Custom Kings for doing it big time with the Kobe letterman's jacket and the awesome t-shirts- Jay & Dante!

Shouts from high atop the Sear Tower go to the cats from PHLI- Dave & Shareef!

Tarik, a.k.a. The Video Freak, you never cease to amaze me by your determination and energy. Keep doing what you do and brush the haters off. You're unstoppable!

Grandmaster CK, you represent ME. You're always in my corner and show love to all those that are around you. Get better and this too shall pass. 2006 is your year.

Dane, congratulations on winning the illest jacket in the City of Wind. Rock it well. Great photos by the one and only Nikki H.!

To ALL of YOU that continue to push me to make events like this happen and show the love and support by coming out, Thank YOU! Without YOU there is no ME!

Keep it moving in 2006! PEACE & BE SAFE.

Kobe 1 "Mamba"-Chicago Exclusive

DJ Jesse De La Pena on the wheels of steel. You held it down for Sure!

Representin' with LOVE!

Pictures courtesy of Rock the Kobe jacket well!


  1. Dee,
    This is a great write up on an event that I would've love to shown my mug at. I admire you and your drive to "get it done." You are my MC in life and without you and your family, the GMCK (Grand Master) wouldn't be complete.
    Thank you for sharing the view here (my place), and you know that you and your boys are always welcomed.
    P.s-great shape up in the pic as well!

  2. That jacket fits oh so well! haha, thanks for such a great event!


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