Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pacific Northwest

Made a couple moves and headed to the Emerald City and fell in love. Now, I've been to Seattle before but this time was different. Maybe it was the air that made me feel so high or maybe it was the people who seemed to always greet you with a smile and a "hello"? I can't place my finger on it succintly but I'm OK with that.

Getting on the plane in BOS headed to SEA was cool. Thank goodness for a direct flight on JetBlue and the emergency exit seat, this big boy was comfortable. Now, when I travel, I always have alot of reading material (i.e. books and magazines) and my new companion- a video iPod. The great people at Apple know how to make great products and they knocked the skin off the ball with the 60GB joint. I had my music, a couple of videos and episodes 1, 2 & 3 of the Sole Collector Vidcast- I was chillin'.

Hooked up with my boy Drews85 on the flight. Talk about good karma, my seat 21C and Drews85 22C. We kicked it for a few and then it was time to catch some ZZZzzz's.

The flight was smooth and when we touched down in SEA, my man Tarik a.k.a. The Video Freak-scooped me up and we headed straight to the Treasure Casino. We walked in the joint and you would have thought we walked into CHEERS (where everyone knows your name, get it?) The drinks started coming and it was on. I forgot to mention that my other boy-Ian- representing MD made the trip too and he was already in full stride and had the black jack table on smash. Can you say five hundred dollars?! I-Double was doin' it and the GM approached him and said he wanted to buy him dinner and drinks for him and his guests. DAMN!! Once again it's on and we didn't roll out of there until 4 AM. Long day? Hell yeah, hell yeah!! (Tell them why you mad son...Tell them why you mad son!)

How absent minded could I be? I forgot to tell you about the servers Lisa and Jodi. Lisa wore a cast on her right wrist and the story goes that she flipped her ATV and broke her wrist. Homegirl is so rugged that she went back to her truck, placed her hand in a cooler with ice, to reduce the swelling, and let her husband finish getting his swerve-on on his ATV. Now, if that is not a ride or die chick, I don't know what is?

Jodi is a tall and beautiful female that has hair that reachs the small of her back. Jodi is fine with a capital "F". I'll let that simmer for a minute.

OK, so I digress and it's time to tell the rest of the story but you know what? This story is better left to the cerebral cortex.

Seattle's finest with Nike and Niketown Staff.

The WAR ROOM is the spot on Saturday Night. Check your boy out making the crowd go wild!!!

Nick, SP & DQ-The Line Pimp. Don't get it twisted!!

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