Sunday, March 26, 2006

Team USA

Team USA. Can the men's basketball team regain the swagger they had of yester years? I certainly hope so because I'm tired of seeing our finest sitting on the bench looking like a bunch of crying millionaires. These men are the best players to play the game of basketball. They are supposed to beat all opponents by a margin of 10 or more. I'll take the more. Shit, this is not nursery school! When you play, you play to win and win convincingly. Ain't no half steppin', right?

Maybe Team USA should select some more college players. We certainly can use the wide body and positive mindset of a cat like Glen Davis (LSU), whose nickname I love-Big Baby. Some other players that I'd like to add to the team are Craig Smith (BC), Darrel Mitchell (LSU), Kyle Lowry (NOVA), Jai Lewis (GMU) and Rudy Gay(UCONN).

I'll keep hope alive and try not to loose too much sleep over TEAM USAs demise. I'm an optimist, what can I say? Mama didn't raise no fools!


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