Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Exotic Kicks

There are sneaker companies that are pushing the envelope by offering sneakers made with very exotic materials- mink, chinchilla, snake skin, alligator skin to name a few As much as these sneakers may look good, there is something said for the number of a particular animal that must be killed in order to make one pair of sneakers.

Being an old school cat, I like my sneakers made of leather, suede, canvas, hemp and other products that are somewhat environmentally friendly. I know, you can ask, "Hey Sole Proprietor, aren't a number of cows slaughtered to make those leather sneakers you love so much?" Yes, there are a number of cows that are slaughtered but somewhere in my mind I can justify it and believe that cows have been raised for years for food and other by products. (I do have to let you know that I don't eat beef but enjoy a good pair of well made Allen Edmonds shoes and Nike Air Force 1s.)

I know some vegans who won't wear sneakers that are made of leather or any animal by products. They may choose to wear sneakers made of hemp or canvas. Trust me, there are some good hemp sneakers on the market.

So, what are your thoughts? Hit me with some comments and I'll be sure reply as quickly as possible.

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