Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fake sneakers confiscated

There has been an increase in the number of containers found transporting fake sneakers to many parts of the world. Some of these sneakers do make their way to the US and wind up being sold as authentic sneakers in malls, mom and pop stores and online at places such as eBay. This time, a container destined for Africa was searched in Malta and the items were deemed to be fake. Thank goodness because this may have been the downfall to the Africans who have dominated and won every marathon in the United States. Haters never prosper!

Read the news report via Malta Media Online Network:

Customs confiscate contraband shoes
By Giselle Borg Olivier
May 31, 2006, 18:13 CET

A large quantity of contraband shoes were confiscated at Customs after investigations which occurred over the past few days.

10,728 pairs of Nike shoes and 3600 pairs of Adidas shoes were found in the container, which after examination, resulted in being fake. Furthermore 3600 pairs of Zara shoes and 2040 pairs of RCM shoes were found in the container. 71 boxes of metal tubing and glass were used to cover the contraband footwear.

The case came about when Customs officials were inspecting merchandise reports of goods that were expected at Customs, about 10 days ago, during which they noticed that a certain consignment required further investigation. Therefore, when the earmarked container, that came from the Far East and was destined for North Africa, arrived in Malta, it was set aside for further examination. The container was scanned using the VACIS (Vehicle and Contained Inspection System), which resulted in a discrepancy between the actual content of the container and what it was said to contain � plastic items. Therefore the container was opened and inspected by Customs Officials.

This was the 11th container carrying fake branded merchandise since January 2006 that was confiscated by Customs.

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