Friday, September 22, 2006

Technological Advancements?

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Remember when there was no such thing as the internet and a Palm Pilot stood for something else...something that needs no further explanation? Well, those days of yore are long gone and it's not necessarily a good thing. Nowadays, there are smart devices, that everyone seems to have and I recently spotted a kid that couldn't have been any older than 8-years old handlin' his business on a cellphone like a business executive. Oh, by the way, he had a MP3 player attached to his hip as well! What happened to the days where we went to a jam to actually hear the DJ play a know the vinyl things that spin around on the turntable?

Times have changed and there is no turning back now, I guess? So, I'm going to hold mi' corner, make a few calls and listen to some music!

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*Click on thumbnail to enlarge the picture.*


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