Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Like WHOA!

Did you see that shit? No, I'm not talking about all the crazy costumes that people were dressed in last night. A buddy of mine said it best about Halloween, "It's a night were grown women can dress slutty and guys can dress as women." You know, he just might be onto something. Those that know me well, know that I can care less about Halloween. Wifey says that I'm a party pooper because I'm not into Halloween and dressing up as say the Tin Man or Homey the Clown. I don't PLAY Dat!

While the kids were trick-or-treating I was kickin' it with my boys and having a couple beers while telling stories about what Halloween was like for each of us. Living in the Virgin Islands presented it fair share of festivities but I never got into Halloween. One year I had the best time throwing eggs with my boys Tommy & Richard. These cats were on it. They had buried the eggs earlier in the week so when we dug them up on that Halloween afternoon, they were rotten and ready to be thrown at some poor helpless kid. It was ON like Donkey Kong!

Back to the WHOA, though. The Miami Heat got their rings last night and my Chicago BULLS proceeded to head back to the locker room; some players meditated, some listened to music on their iPod, some played video games such as NBA 2K7 and some decided to hit the stationery bike and get warmed up. When the BULLS hit the floor for tip-off it was reminiscent of N.W.A. 100 Miles and Runnin'.

To say the BULLS 'put it on dem' is an understatement. The Miami Heat looked sluggish and the only player that looked like he was R3ADY to play was D-Wade, rockin' the ill Wade 1.3s.

Can my beloved BULLS keep the momentum going this season? I proudly say, "Yes", and will go on record to say the BULLS will have their best season since '98. I said it, don't believe Hmmmmmmmmm!

Theme music for the BULLS' 2006-07 Season-Shyne featuring Barrington Levy-Bad Boys.


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