Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I know we live in a world where some people think their life is a video like those shown on MTV, BET or VH1. I know some young adults that think that MTV TRL will someday broadcast a show from their living room or school. Don't hold your breath dummies!

Just today, I was checking email when I received a Google Web Clip and this is what it was advertising:

Now, don't call me a stick in the mud or some dude that is so uptight that one can fit a grain of salt up my anus (It's tattoed on my ass, "Exit ONLY") Who in there right mind would wear a dumb-ass t-shirt that says this? Let me sit my cup down and back up from it because I can think of at least 10 MFers that would. You ought be shot with shit and stink for even thinking about wearing such a shirt.

When did being a Gangsta become the "in" thing? Fake jackers eat at Jack in the Crack, er, I mean box!

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