Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Takeover

Nike continues to occupy the #1 spot with Adidas gunnin' hard to gain market share in the US and Asia.

When Adidas went ahead and bought Reebok for $3.8 Billion in January, I was quick to say that it was a bad move, eventhough it would make sense for Adidas to buy them just to get the licenses for the NFL, NBA and MLB.

No one knows what's going on with Reebok these days and Paul Fireman is chillin' at a revitalized waste dump turned golf course in Northern New Jersey, that he has since cleaned up and says it's safe to play on. Come on, Paul? We all know that the waste land of a golf course is more radioactive than Chernobyl. The man is the Ultimate Hustler, second only to B-Dot and Trump.

Recently, Adidas reported that they were going to cut their 3rd quarter numbers because of the 1-ton elephant (Reebok) is holding then down, but not in a good way.

Do you remember when Reebok was actually cool? I know it's been more than 10 years, but Reebok had a good thing going when they were producing the highly profitable Reebok Ex-O-Fits. If you didn't have a pair of these in your footwear repertoire in '88, then you missed out on one of the most comfortable pair of sneakers ROTB (Right Out The Box). They were made of soft, supple leather that looked good with everything from jeans to shorts with layered multi-colored socks ala Salt-N-Peppa or The Fresh Prince a.k.a. Will Smith.

Reebok also had other athletes such as Michael Chang and Shaquille O'Neal, both of whom had some awesome sneakers in the Court Victory Pump and the Shaq Attaq respectively.

As Nike continues to occupy the #1 spot, they continue to push the envelope and tell all competitors that if they want the title, they better come correct or not come at all. It's hard being number one, but Nike seems to be very comfortable holding the crown and welcoming all newcomers. Will we see someone knock them off their pedestal in the 21st century? Your guess is as good as mine. Until then, Nike says, "watch me as I go down the road."

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