Friday, March 23, 2007

3 The Hard Way

Since the Air Jordan 3 retro sneakers hit stores tomorrow, I'll show you some pictures of some self-created 3s I did two years ago. Don't worry, I can handle the truth as they were my first attempt at customizing a pair of sneakers. Enjoy!

Here's a picture of those being released tomorrow (03/24):


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  1. *!!!CHyNaMoN!!!*1:53 PM

    the reall 'J' fans!?!
    When i went to get my Flips. While i waited for the store manager at NikeTown to open the door, this guy and I were looking at people's feet as they walked in and we were able to figure out who were the collectors from the casual-dumb-ass-consumers who were them and scuff them up in a week. I told the dude that i noticed that whenever a new Jordan comes out the "collectors" come with their hottest Jordans on while they wait. I had on my Black Spizikes, he had on the Lazer 5s, and the guy immediately behind us had on his Olympic 7s. I thought that was hella funny.


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