Monday, March 12, 2007

B'KLYN Basements

I've met alot of interesting people in my short years on this earth and each day that I wake up and see the wife and the Princess, I know I'm already two-steps ahead! The beauty of what I do is I get to meet some great people that are passionate about life, fashion, sneakers, basketball and music.

One of those such passionate persons is the one and only Tommy Rebel (TR). Tommy represents Brooklyn and is doing his thing with fashion and the like. Known simply as Tommy Rebel in sneakerhead and fashion circles, to say that Tommy is simple would be a slap in the face. Read the thoughts from the wonderful mind of TR at Inquiringmind Magazine.

In the meantime, checkout the upcoming P2 jacket from B'KLYN Basements.
(Yes, that is 3M and yes, it's waterproof!)


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