Friday, March 09, 2007

Remembering George

You may read the title and think to yourself, "What does George have to do with Biggie?" Well, the truth of the matter is when I first met B.I.G., as he was known on Fulton St. & St. James Ave., the folks that knew him called him George. Biggie's full name was Christopher George Latore Wallace.

I was introduced to Biggie in 1991, while he was chillin' on the corner of Clinton Ave. & Fulton with the likes of Fatso and Life. He was always spittin' and many in the 'hood tried to test him, but he had a way of saying a verse or using a Jamaican accent that gave emphasis to what he was saying.

To say that Biggie wasn't special would be an understatement. It's amazing to think that it's been 10 years since his senseless murder in Los Angeles and no one has been convicted. As DJ Clark Kent says on this day, "R.I.P. Notorious B.I.G. 10 Years and they ain't convict anybody yet?? FUCK LAPD & FBI".

usiness Instead of Game FOREVER!

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