Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Say it ain't so Holdsclaw?

For a young lady that possessed all the making to become the "Michael Jordan" of the WNBA, Chamique Holdsclaw's career may be viewed as a dissapointment.

The Queens, New York native learned to play ball with the boys on the blacktop in the 'hood all-the-while leading Christ the King Regional High School to four consecutive championships while posting a 106-4 record in her 4 years. To say that Holdsclaw put in some serious work in NY, would be an understatement. She gots busy!

'Mique took her game south to Knoxville, TN and helped secure 3 NCAA Women's Championships while racking up 3,025 points and 1,295 rebounds. Again, she was playing with pure heart.

Now, as Ms. Holdsclaw calls it quits, it's time to help the fans and alums of the University of Tennessee move on and deal with the other blow....the Lady Vols won't be playing the lady Huskies of UCONN this upcoming season. Oh,'s time to move on on a number of levels. Good luck.

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