Friday, June 29, 2007

They're sneakerheads too?!

Having been blessed with the ability to politic with a number of folks from various walks of life, I've been able to meet some amazing people, some of whom are called celebrities.

The common thread that seems to be interwoven once we get through the superficial stuff and the fact that I'm not looking for anything, people always comment about my sneakers and from there, the flood gates open. (Just ask my wife and she'll break-it-down for you.)

The conversation goes something like this, "I really like your sneakers. Where did you get them from?" I quickly respond, "Oh, I've had these for a number of years and decided to break them out since I hadn't worn them in awhile." The conversation continues and goes down a path that I enjoy and sounds like this, "Wow, I have some sneakers, but they're all beat-up and I've had them for awhile and I need to get a new pair." I typically reply with something along these lines, "Well, if you wear sneakers alot, you should rotate them with a second pair or you should get a new pair every 6 months."

You see, I'm a sneakerhead, but a smart sneakerhead that believes in purposeful sneaker shopping. It's hard for me not to encourage someone to pay more attention to their sneakers are a big part of my life. (It's how OSD got started.) I can tell alot about a person by what type of sneakers or shoes he/ she is wearing. I know you might be reading this and thinking, "Sole Proprietor, you shouldn't judge a person by their choice of footwear." But, I can't help it. After looking someone in their eyes, I have to look down at their feet. It's become second nature.

Here are some pictures of a few people that you may recognize and some choice sneakers:

Kanye West wearing Air Jordan VI Black/Infared

Janet Jackson, wearing Bathing Ape Shelltoes and Jermaine Dupri wearing Air Jordan 7s in Black/Citrus, while strolling through Beverly Hills early this week.

Random pictures:


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