Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is Vick going down?

If you're alive and somewhat plugged-in to what's going on with Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons, it doesn't look good for homeboy.

Word is that his boys have changed their tune to save their own hide and are telling all of Vick's business, not only regarding the dog fighting, but also all the "other" improprieties.

My words to Vick would be to stand up and take ownership, but I highly doubt his legal staff is giving him such advice. What is it these days? Deny it to the end and even when evidence is provided, deny it some more.

In other Vick news, Nike has decided to be shelve the Nike Air Vick Vs and the entire ad campaign that was due August 23rd. This isn't the first time Nike and ad agency Wieden+Kennedy have been asked to distance itself from dog fighting.

In 2003, the Humane Society asked the company to pull "The Battle," an ad produced by Portland ad agency Wieden+Kennedy promoting Nike's Air Zoom Ultraflight basketball shoe. The 60-second spot -- featuring NBA stars interspersed with scenes from street basketball games -- reportedly showed a second-long image of a pit bull and Rottweiler growling at each other.

I've been thinking more and more about what may be going through Vick's mind right now and all that I can come up with is him asking himself how he got himself into this mess. My thoughts and prayers are with homeboy.

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