Friday, August 10, 2007

Mya is a 5411 Queen?

I've heard from many people that Ms. Mya loves her some Reebok Freestyles or should I say, Reebok 5411s. For those of you that are not into sneakers or even those of you that don't know the history of the Freestyle, which were introduced in 1982, in 'hoods, particularly in New York, the Freestyle was priced at $49.99 and with NY State sales tax, the total was $54.11, thus the name 5411s.

The Freestyle became so popular with the aerobic crowd that they crossed-over to everyday wear and soon nurses and waitresses gave up on the traditional uniform shoes for the Freestyle.

Girls throughout NYC wore the Freestyle a.k.a. 5411s and they typically were the girls that could handle themselves in a fight or hang tough with the boys from 'round the way. It was all about the attitude that was associated with the 5411s, and no one did it better than the fly girls in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Peep the video on Youtube:


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