Friday, August 24, 2007

Venus is EleVen

It all went down yesterday in NYC as Venus Williams launched her "Eleven" line of sneakers and clothing at Steve & Barry's. If you're not familiar with Steve and Barry's, this is the same retailer that Stephon Marbury, of the New York Knicks, released his own line of "Starbury" sneakers that debuted in August 2006 for $14.98.

Word is that Venus's line is named "Eleven", because her childhood address in Compton, Calif., included 11, plus the number means going beyond the classic "top ten."

"Eleven can be better than the best," Williams said.

EleVen will offer athleticwear, casualwear and footwear. Williams wore a rainbow-colored T-shirt, sparkly lavender track pants and earrings with the EleVen logo to announce the collection and she will wear the V-Court pro sneaker next week.

All products at Steve & Barry's cost no more than $19.98.


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