Monday, September 17, 2007

Choke like the Buffalo Bills

Have you ever been to Buffalo, NY? If you have, then you know that it’s an old-time mill town that shows its blue-collar roots when the fans cheer on the Buffalo Bills, whom history has abused and landed them in the record books.

The Buffalo Bills are known for making the NFL Playoffs in 1990, ’91, ’92, and ‘93, and playing in four consecutive Super Bowls. With a back field stacked with Thurman Thomas and Jim Kelly and a defense anchored by Bruce Smith, the Bills were an awesome team to watch. It’s too bad they never won the BIG one!

Well, since the table has been set, it’s surprising to read that a Mr. Cortez Waters (No, I’m not making up the first name.) and his wife were arrested on September 13th, when a SWAT team stormed their crib at 6 AM. Mr. & Mrs. Waters were running a counterfeit operation that spans the United States and has an international scope.

Word is that Mr. Waters would buy fake kicks from Malik Bazzi, a Brooklyn-based businessman, who also was arrested and over 1,000 cases of fakes sneakers were confiscated from a warehouse. Mr. Waters would sell the fakes in delis, barber shops, and other mom and pop stores. It’s been estimated that the Waters’ made as much as $250k every two months.

When SWAT hit their house, they found over 700 pairs of fakes sneakers and a handgun. Another 200 pairs were found at another house in Buffalo.

Federal agents and local police are realizing the counterfeit-kicks market is “staggering.”

Well, the question begs to be asked…who supplied Mr. Bazzi with the fake kicks? Look no further than 3 Chinese Americans, Julie, Charlie and Henry Wang.

The Wangs, and maybe a few other folks, are reported to have shipped containers full of fake Nike kicks from the People’s Republic of China. They would then sell the kicks to Mr. Bazzi who would them sell the fugazis to Mr. Waters and other cats in Rochester, New York City, Milwaukee, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Pawtucket (RI), Dallas and various spots in Georgia.

So, as you’re traveling and hunting for kicks, be very careful because you just might be buying some fake Air Max ‘97s, Air Max ‘95s and some other ‘head favorites.

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