Saturday, January 26, 2008

Air Jordan XX3: A Mass perspective

So the White/ Titanium - University Blue Air Jordan XX3's were sold in some places in the wee hours on Friday, January 25th. The price tag of $230 and the reported limited-run of 529 pairs didn't deter folks from sleeping outside and lining up to purchase their pair.

Here's a Massachusetts perspective of the Expressions in Boston:

Photography by D. Minors


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  1. John from RI8:25 PM

    Whats up DeJongh!?

    This is ur boy John from RI. If you look Im in the Boston Expressions line. 3rd pic, left of the trash can, blue coat, my left arm is up in the air. Just wanted to say Thanks for taken the time to take some snapshots! They are banging! Just got to say what a LUCKY man I am to cop a pair of the 23's! What an experience! Shout out to all my boys in line as well!!

    Myspace dedicated to Jordan :

    John 23

    Sneakerplay: John31380

    Check it!! Peace


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