Friday, April 18, 2008

Breaking News Randy Moss Signs With Pony!

I don't know, you can look at this one of two ways. On the positive side Randy Moss will have a signature shoe. On the negative side its going to be a pony. It feels just like yesterday when he was signed to Jordan brand and slapping meter maids, oh how the mighty have fallen.

Knowledge Is Power

(Quoted from footwear news)
NEW YORK — Pony International announced Thursday it has signed an exclusive partnership to design a signature athletic footwear and clothing line for Randy Moss, the New England Patriots’ wide receiver.

The new Moss by Pony Collection will arrive in stores on Aug. 1.

The collection is anchored by the premium Moss 1 Molded Signature Cleat, which features an anodized finish on the plate, inspired by the pattern on a mackerel lure and highlighted by progressively faded dots. The tailor-made cleat is based on Moss’ love of fishing and is colored moss-green.

The collection will feature other On the Field models, such as the Detachable (a universal performance shoe), the Blue Collar Turf Shoe (a multi surface shoe) and the Record Breaker (an affordable, entry-level cleat). There will also be an Off the Field collection, which will include mid-line and lightweight warm-up trainers.

"By signing a premier athlete the caliber of Randy Moss, this immediately puts the rest of the competition on notice that Pony is determined to do whatever it takes to be a player in the marketplace," Kevin Wulff, CEO of Pony International, said in a written statement released Thursday. "Pony is definitely back in the game in a big way. Not a lot of people can cover Randy Moss, but we feel we can cover him, top to bottom.”

"I get approached to endorse a ton of stuff each year that really doesn't mesh with who I am or what is important in my life," Randy Moss said in the statement. "I really appreciated the way Pony presented their concepts for my signature brand and wanted to make a great performance line of clothes and shoes for the serious competitor to the weekend warrior."

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