Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Step in the Right Direction....

  Two forces combined to make a unique creation by the name of ASRD, or A Step in the Right Direction. Ubiq a store in Philadelphia, PA and Canadian designer MSTRPLN or  Stefan Dukaczewski came up with a hybrid of a different type. Utilizing wearable technology they fused a standard Nike Dunk with a WiFi finder in such a way that the wearer can detect wireless networks in a 50 meter range from the shoes.
   There is a built in pressure sensor in the insole of the shoe and when pressure is placed on the sensor the shoe can detect networks. A velcro shroud was designed with 3 leds that light up to show network strength and availability.  Please check out the website of the project, MSTRPLN x UBIQ x Nike Dunk and look at the shoes and see exactly how they did it.

  Personally I love the idea and the execution. The shoes retain their clean look and original feel of the NIKE Dunk, and add technology in a very unique way. I think that many people will take notice of this idea and take it further. Stay tuned for some more shoe / tech posts , I definitely have some up my sleeve......

Time is Precious.


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