Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hittin' Switches

As a sneaker enthusiast, I try to keep my eyes and ears to the ground to see and hear the ground swells and, from time to time, I catch something that most folks would miss entirely or gloss over with a slight 'humph'.

Well, yesterday was an interesting day at Wimbledon as 3rd-ranked-in-the-world tennis player Novak Djokovic was seen hittin' switches with his choice of footwear.

Novak, whose been an Adidas sponsored athlete for the past 4-years, was facing Michael Berrer of Germany, when a few OSD fans noted that Novak was rocking Adidas from head to, er, wait a minute...not toe.

In what appeared to be a pair of Nike Air Max Breathe Cage IIs, Novak took whiteout or a similar product and covered the 'Nike' name and swoosh.

Check out what the Nike Air Max Breathe Cage II look like and compare them to the pair of kicks that Novak wore in the match. Hmmmmmm?


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