Friday, June 20, 2008

Sneaker Stocks

An aspect about the OSD Blog is that you’ll get concise sneaker-related news with no filler--unlike some crab cakes found at an establishment, which will remain nameless, in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor—we keep it real!

For folks that have been listening to the OSD-Obsessive Sneaker Disorder talk show, you may recall a number of episodes back that we discussed the stock market but specifically as it relates to the sneaker manufacturers.

When companies such as Nike, Adidas, Timberland and others are publicly traded companies, we always recommend buying stock in companies that you like and use their products.

So, even though there are many sneakerheads running around professing that they’re a ‘Nike-head’, we encourage you to do your homework and research Nike and the other sneaker companies.

One company that I’d like to highlight for folks is Skechers USA (NYSE: SKX). Yes, that Skechers; the company that owns Unltd. By Marc Ecko, Zoo York and BEBE Sport footwear.

It’s hard to believe that a company that has made their name by jackin’ other brands’ designs has stepped up their game by releasing their own casual shoes and sneakers.

Their stock has taken a beating, similar to Nike and Adidas to name a few, down more than 40% since Jan. 1, to close Wednesday at $20.37.

So, as the stock market continues to shake folks more than the Olajuwon’s ‘Dream Shake’, Skechers might be a company to look at more closely, that is, if you’re not too busy spending your money on the Jordan 7/ 16 pack.


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