Friday, June 06, 2008

SneakGeekZ: Jordan 6 Rings

Love them? Post a comment and let your voice be heard!

Hat tip to JMan23 for hitting us with the link to the video!


  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    That dude is "NOT" a sneakerhead.
    Hes just runnin' round coppin'
    the supposably "hottest" sneakers
    & showing them on youtube randomly.
    I mean okay thats great & all he doing everyone a favor & letting us
    see them up & close live, but dude
    be real you not a real sneakerhead.
    You have no real love for this shit, it don't come from the just BS here. Go to
    sneakgeeks...c'mon dude seriously
    - The making of a Sneakerhead. Come along... follow me on my journey. Get the inside scoop as I cop the hottest Kickz. - Wtf is that? In each video dude over here
    be lookin' mad lost like he don't
    even know wtf he talking bout. Dude just must have woke up one day & said to himself "I'm bored I'm gonna be a sneakerhead...just to see how it feels." At least thats what it looks like what he tryina do.

  2. I appreciate your comments and thanks for watching my vids. The website is just something I put up temporarily so yeah it needs alot of work. I'm assuming you didn't sign up on my website and haven't been getting my emails. Because if you had you would of said that you got an email from me telling you about discounts, promo codes, restock of the red white cement spizikes when they were on nike, early releases of the VII XVI CDP,Carmine CDP and other tips. As for my heart not being in it, I'm sorry I came across that way but it wasn't due to lack of heart but lacking in knowledge. Anyhow keep the comments coming and keep watching my videos.

  3. Anonymous7:13 PM

    a'ight my dude, that question just had to be answered. It was killing me...shit I see you I cam across like that before my self. Long as you represent the culture well in
    all our eyes who love it. Do you,
    rep this til the death! Yes! I'ma
    sneakerhead b!tch!


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