Monday, January 26, 2009

Assaults: Crime doesn't pay

When times get tough and folks are struggling to put food on the table
and keep the lights on, so to speak, there is a direct correlation to
the increase in violence.

In the town of Caribou, Maine, which is best known for having over 5-
feet of snow, has seen a rash of assaults among teenagers, not for
iPods or cellphones, but sneakers.

The sneakers of choice are the Nike Air Force 1 low sneakers.

With their multiple colors and supposed street credibility, Air Force
1s a/k/a/ Uptowns or 1s,
have teenagers from throughout the small town
fighting one another and leaving battle scars.

Sneaker aficionados know how popular the Bruce Kilgore-designed Air
Force 1s are, but it's still unknown why a sneaker that was initially
released in 1982, a basketball sneaker nonetheless, is so popular
today with kids in the 'hood and the suburbs alike.

We, at OSD, know the pull of Air Force 1s and have seen some well
designed AF1s by the likes of DJ Clark Kent and Stash. But let's be
straight forward and to the kids of Caribou, ME and all over the
world, we have to state that you are too valuable and have too much to
loose to throw it all away over a pair of sneakers. Be smarter people
and if you can't afford the sneakers, get a job and save your money to
buy that fresh pair of'll appreciate them that much more.

As always, keep your laces tied tightly, your tongue loose and walk


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