Thursday, January 15, 2009

Obama Kicks?! You Know It was Coming !!!!

Straight Outta Brooklyn at that! Damn! Why my city?!



  1. LMAO... I met this dude at a show of mine and he had that same shoe but it was called the "Mike Tyson" Shoe thas why it has the boxing gloves lace rivets on it...this dude went and threw OBAMAS Face on it!!! ROTL...Needless to say this Dude has lost it...Str8 Garbage...

  2. Besides the fact that these are garbage, isn't there an inherent licensing issue here that even the News and the Dr. from Columbia U. have seemed to somehow ignore? I mean, can I really just start grabbing the likeness, image, and names of presidents and create footwear from it with no legal reprecussions? Or once u become president u no longer have ownership of your identity and it automatically becomes public property?
    All I know is if this Luke-looking-fake-mink-wearing-broke-down-pimp-on-disability comes at me with these kicks, imma light them all on fire so then he can tell me how HOT they are!

  3. This is a great reminder that I don't want to turn out to be a crazy old man selling bootleg sneakers on the street, or an old man who thinks he's in his 20's who disses bootleg sneakers because he can't find the "A-Life" on them. That sneaker hustler would be more fun to hang out with than Mr. It's Wack any day!


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