Friday, February 06, 2009

Classic! Throwback Flick with Primo

Circa April 2007....Props to photographer Kenya Smith of Universal Concepts Photography, who recently sent me a pic I was wondering about. I (Paper Chasr) commissioned a young and very talented homie Chris from Cnoaht Customs to create an Air Force Custom for one of Hip Hop's GREATEST music creators "DJ Premier". The sneaker was very simple in the colors used. Not very visible but the sneaker had the words "CLASSIC" on one sneaker and "DJ PREMIER" on the other. Unfortunately Chris got caught blinking on this the only photo in existence(LOL-Sorry Chris).

The sneaker was given to Primo (as a "Thank You" for the Classic Remix) at an event at one of the country's premier (No Pun) hip-hop venues, Sputnik in Brooklyn (Of Course). I wanted to thank him because he created the dopest sneaker themed songs "EVER" by remixing the original version of Classic that was done by Rick Rubin (compare for yourself, it's just my opinion).

Some months later I was at another event with Primo, he thanked me again, and I asked him "Hey Preem, how did the kicks fit?" His reply was " I can't wear them, they are a 10.5. I need and 11." THANKS TO VIC BLACK FOR THE INTEL (LOL). So the sneakers have never been worn and are probably stored somewhere with all of Primos other prized memorabelia.

In any event, I'm glad the photo was found (Props Kenya), and even to this day I feel that DJ PREMIER is one of the greatest to ever put it down for hip hop music. Salute Preem! And I wish you all the best with YEAR ROUND Records.


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