Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anivram Sneaker Art Showcase Recap: BROOKLYN WE GO HARD!!!

For those of you who listen to OSD often enough, you've heard the gripes from many of us in the crew about how hard it is to find a good sneaker event these days. Either it's "been there, done that", or "Why did they do that?" in most cases these days. So needless to say there's always the ambivalent feelings of hoping an event goes well, but on the other side of your mind you are not surprised if it does not.

WELL... That was not the case this past weekend (8/8/09) on a block in Crown Heights, Brooklyn as hundreds were in attendance. Props to Sam Robinson of Anivram for putting together a really good event with an enormous turnout. Some talented folks (from ALL OVER THE WORLD) had some good work on display, There was a live painting exhibition outside the gallery, and Female Sneaker Fiend's Pinkeye was also in the place reppin' for the Ladies. I appreciate her grind...She's everywhere these days! (See below)

Below are some additional images from the event...If you want more details or want to get involved with the next event contact Sam Robinson via email at: sam@anivram.com and she will be more than happy to work on showcasing your best offerings. Sam's goal is to do an event every month for the next few so give her a holla!

CONGRATS TO SAM ROBINSON (Below on the right) AND ANIVRAM for an outstanding 1st event!!!


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