Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jordan Brand: New Home

Michael Jordan has a new home on the Swooshes campus, and to say that the building is impressive is an understatement.

You know exactly who's "house" this is from the facade. There's no second guessing; very much like MJ's game when there's 12-seconds left on the clock; you knew MJ was getting the ball and he dared you to stop him.

Just standing outside the building makes you go through that mental Rolodex of MJ moments: dropping 69-points against the Celtics and loosing, allthewhile Larry Bird remarking that Jordan was, "God in hightop sneakers", or Jordan dunking on Patrick Ewing and swinging like Tarzan from the rim in the 1993 Playoffs. The moments are countless and memorable, and some are more vivid than others.

Ask anyone who was able to see MJ play, either on television or in person, and they'll say that they were waiting for "that moment" when Jordan would do something amazing, and MJ never failed to do something.

For all the fuss caused by the Nike Air Jordan XI Retro "Space Jams" release, there are probably more who never witnessed him playing who bought the sneakers than those who witnessed what he did on the court and can recall a moment-in-time.

We've heard about MJs "indescretions", and I'm sure they rival Tiger Woods', but while people think of John Gotti as the "Teflon Don" of the Tri-State region, MJ was and has been "Mr. Untouchable" by the news media. No matter the dirt discovered, it was always swept under the rug. Sometimes to save his and Juanita's children from being embarrassed and the world coming to grips with Barkley's statement of, "I am not a role model", encouraging more parents to take an active role in raising their children.

As the Jordan Brand folks get settled into their new home, maybe we have to realize that eventhough a person has a new home, the foundation can have many cracks, and room for the "roaches" to move in.


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