Friday, July 30, 2010

H-Town Sneaker Summit Remembers Reggie Holloway With a Special Auction This Sunday


FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2010

Autographed Yao Ming Player Exclusive Sneakers For Reggie Holloway

Houston, Texas - When the H-Town Sneaker Summit started over six years ago there were no ‘sneaker boutiques’ in Houston, TX, only mall stores and a couple of ‘mom and pops’. Little did they know over the next several years along with the growth of their bi-annual event, the H-Town Sneaker Summit community would witness the development of a burgeoning sneaker scene that would become recognized the world over. This included the edition of several highly regarded boutiques in the Southwest including; Premium Goods, and the addition of not one, but two House Of Hoops in Houston, as well as the new Nice Kicks Shop in nearby Austin. Throughout Reggie’s life he and his friends watched their dreams come true. Finally the shoes that they long hunted for by surfing the web or making cold calls were now close at hand. They also saw the release of several Houston and Texas themed shoes with two recent NBA All Star Games in Houston and Dallas respectively. Being a huge Air Force 1 Aficionado, Reggie also got the chance to meet two of his heroes through the recent H-Town Sneaker Summits who shared his same passion; DJ Clark Kent and Bobbito Garcia. To keep Reggie a part of the event that he helped promote and participated in for years, H-Town Sneaker Summit will be holding their very first silent auction in Reggie’s name to raise money for charity and help other kids watch their dreams come true. This very first auction will be for a special pair of shoes created specifically for one of Reggie’s favorite basketball players. This Sunday the H-Town Sneaker Summit will be holding a special silent auction for a pair of Yao Ming Player Exclusive ATR Elite Reebok Basketball Sneakers donated by the Houston Rockets. The Holloway family asks that all proceeds from this auction be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation Of The Texas Gulf Coast in Reggie’s name .


About The H-Town Sneaker Summit

Established in 2004, the H-Town Sneaker Summit is the largest and longest running event of its kind in the entire Southwest. It is a bi-annual event held in Houston, TX each summer and winter, where sneaker enthusiasts from all walks of life gather to buy, sell, trade, display, and discuss rare, exclusive, and fashionable sneakers and clothing in a huge party atmosphere.

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