Friday, December 02, 2005

Bo Knows...................

The year was 1990 and the "Bo Knows"campaign was in full swing and had me scratching my head in disbelief. How could a premiere football player switch from being a running back that had power, finesse and speed and take those same skills to the baseball diamond? Simply amazing.

Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson, born November 30, 1962, was a human wrecking ball on the football field. If you’re a football fan older than 25, you may recall the Monday Night Football game versus Seattle where Bo ran through Seattle’s Brian Bosworth on his way to a touchdown. The year was 1988 if you don’t remember. Maybe you may recall the All Star Game homerun he hit while the late President Ronald Reagan described it from the television booth. Unbelievable to say the least.

Bo always had some awesome cross trainers but the Air Trainer SC and the hard-to-find Raiders Air Trainers with the ‘34’ on the rear, the hunt continues for many people to this day. Do you even remember these kicks? You would if you were into kicks in the early ‘90s.

When Bo went down by what seemed like a simple tackle on January 13, 1991, most people thought that he may have just twisted his ankle or hurt his ribs. The Raiders went on the beat the Cincinnati Bengals but Bo was never the same. His hip deteriorated quickly and he developed a condition known as avascular necrosis. The cartilage and bone in his left hip deteriorated so quickly that within a year the cartilage had all but disappeared and he had to have an artificial hip inserted. Doctors told him that he’d never play sports again, but they didn’t know BO.

Bo worked himself back into shape proved all the skeptics that not only would he walk again without a limp but that he’d compete at the professional level.

Bo Jackson made his come back with the now World Series Champions-Chicago White Sox, and in his first game back in 1993, he hit a home run off the Yankees’ NealHeaton. This one hurt me being that I’m a Yankees fan but it was good to see Bo Jackson doing his thing.

As Phife from A Tribe Called Quest rapped on the Scenario in 1991, “Bo know this and Bo knows that, but Bo don’t know jack, cuz Bo can’t rap,” that statement may not be entirely true, because the man is still doing his thing and cooking up some tantalizing dishes in the kitchen and publishing a series of cook books. Who said Bo doesn’t know how to rap?


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