Monday, December 19, 2005

How fly can one be?

For the boldly bourgeoisie and unapologetically debonair. This is going out to all the fly girls and the smooth cats that are getting their outfits ready for the many Christmas parties, that's right ladies and gentlemen, CHRISTMAS! If I've offended you, I don't mind you closing your browser and not reading another sentence, ever!

When you think of the word-Fly, what comes to mind? Some may some annoying insect that is downright nasty. Being fly, looking fly and acting fly is a lifestyle. It is who YOU are. Some may argue that you have to have an 'internal cool' but if Pharrell Williams can be considered cool or fly then anyone can. I'm not here to knock Pharrell but he is a nerd that made being a nerd cool. Props to him for making nerds all over the world proud and being the NERD spokesperson.

Take for instance Nigo. Here's a 32 year old said to be billionaire. He has made alot of money through promoting his company "A Bathing Ape" to people that want exclusivity. The name Nigo itself is his way of thumbing his nose at the world-Nigo (pronounced nee-go) is not his real name but a riff on "number two" in Japanese.

I can't knock the man's hustle because he is getting kids and grown ass people alike to spend $70 on t-shirts and $300 plus dollars on a hoodie sweatshirt. Does it make sense to me? Hell no, but if one wants to be fly one has to pay the boss or suffer the loss. No one wants to be number two because as Nelly rapped on the track Number One-"Two is not a winner and 3 nobody remembers." So true, oh so true.

Keep rocking the kicks you deem are fly and remember it's not about what other people think is fly, it's what you think is fly. Remember that and believe that. One Love.

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