Monday, April 03, 2006

Broken hearted

Just when I think that people who get married are doing it for all the right reasons, the rumors that have been swirling for so long have been confirmed. I received a phone call this morning from a brother whom I trust who hit me with the news- Kimora and Russell Simmons call it quits.

Alicia Keys dropped some knowledge on 'Unbreakable' by saying she wanted a relationship like the people on TV- "like Kimora & Russell making paper." What AK didn't know was that Russell and Kimora have been having issues for the past 8 years. Shocking, right? It seemed like they had been together for more years to me. There was so much love.

Kimora has Baby Phat, which is doing alot better than Phat Farm, Russell has Phat Farm, the dynamic-duo seem unstoppable. I guess we'll have to blame it on NYC Market Week '92, when the two met. Kimora then age 17 was still in highschool; Russell then age 35 was running things at Def Jam and a man-about-town.

So, as I dress my daughter in Baby Phat clothing tomorrow and she turns to me and asks, "Why are you crying daddy?" I will simply reply, "because of love." Spread LOVE everyday!

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