Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The BIG bite back!

I tuned into the NCAA Championship game similar to millions in the US and worldwide. I thought it was going to be a heavy weight match similar to Tyson & Holyfield- minus the ear biting.

The game started on a good note and then all of a sudden it seemed as if Joakim Noah took of his jersey and revealed the "S" on his chest. The guy was straight smashing the Bruins and threw his own block party. If you follow college basketball, you may look at Noah in disbelief because just a year ago, the then freshman, looked like an over-rated scholarship athlete. He worked this summer with the coaching staff and told them at the beginning of the season, "I'm ready to go." Ready to go is an understatement. He was nominated at the Final Four's Most Outstanding Player with 16 points, 9 board cleans and 3 dimes and a title-game-record 6 "Get Outta heres" (that's blocks for those of you that didn't get that). Mr. Noah also set a record for the most blocks in a Final Four (10) and in a NCAA Tournament (29).

Joakim was floating on a cloud and you could see it as he climbed atop the media table and popped his jersey to the crowd and did the Gator chomp. You had to love the scene and nothing was more telling than him making his way into the stands to give hugs and kisses to his family. Sportsmanship at it's finest.

The key play of Taurean Green, Lee Humphrey, Al Horford, Chris Richard and Adrian "Boss Man" Moss were phenomenal.

Moss, a fifth-year senior, had been struggling throughout the tournament and it appeared that he would go out with just scoring 10 points in nine games. Well, the Boss Man stepped up and dropped nine first half points and 6 board cleans. Again, phenomenal!

So, when planning a trip to Florida, make sure you make your way to Gainesville and get your Gator chomp on.

Final score:
Gators 73
Bruins 57


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