Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is it REAL?

If this trade takes place, then I will have to tip my hat to Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers. Word on the street is that the Celtics are speaking with the Philadelphia 76ers involving some serious trades that would send Wally Szczerbiak and a No. 7 pick to the City of Brotherly Love for Allen Iverson. Is Boston ready to handle AI? I wholeheartedly think so!

One thing about AI that no spectator can question is his heart. The dude has played through all sorts of injuries and he can get to basket and score with either hand. AI, known as The Answer, would play alongside a familiar star in Paul Pierce, affectionately known around Boston and the League as The Truth. I don't know if P-squared could keep up with the runnin' and gunnin' play of AI. AI may have to slow it down a bit and run the half-court offense that Doc Rivers likes to run.

We shall see how it all goes down with the NBA Draft taking place this evening in New York. Mock polls have the 6'10" Andrea Bargnani being selected first by the Toronto Raptors. This will be a good pick for Toronto but once Andrea has done his time up north, he'll jet from T-Dot and head to a west coast team. It's just a gut feeling.

So, AI if you're reading this (I've heard that someone close to him reads OSD) give Boston a listen and the race relations that hit the city hard exist today, if not incestuously. Boston is still on the Come Up and all that we have is time, right?

Boston Herald-American photographer Stanley J. Forman 1977 Pulitzer Prize winning photo of a white man using an American flag to assault Ted Landsmark, an African-American man, on City Hall Plaza.

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