Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Get In Where You Fit In

Today was a challenging day, but it got a lot better once I was able to see a special 5 year old that keeps it real and asks harder questions than Dan Rather (I know I'm dating myself by referring to DR but I watched the man on CBS News for well over 18 years. He is Iron Man!)

New Balance and the University of Northern Colorado inked a deal to outfit the Northern Colorado athletic department from head-to-toe. New Balance, BABY!!!! How's that for a 100 year old company that has withstood the test of time?

Check out their headquarters located near the Mass Pike.

Adam Morrison, who may go as high as the 2nd pick in tomorrow NBA Draft just signed on the dotted line with All Day I Dream About Soccer (Adidas, for those of you that don't remember it from grade school.) Speaking about soccer, Adidas is kicking Nike's ass in the World Cup when it comes to players and teams wearing their footwear. Peep the 4th quarter numbers.

That's enough for now. I'll leave you with some classic Pro-Keds that got a face lift.



  1. those are really nice Pro Keds...is it a special edition! I definately need a pair of those!!!

  2. congrats to the great NB, they definitely deserve some more exposure in the main market. Its also really great to see BunB of the UGK click getting some love on the sneaker tip. H-Town needs some more love.


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