Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fallin' Off? Hell NO!

AND1 hasn't fallen off the face of the basketball kicks world. They've been retooling and figuring out how to regain their swagger and I think they have their mojo back.

Do you remember AND1 when they hit the scene with their Talk Trash t-shirts? True classics that kids and grown-ass men alike wore.

AND1 looks like they're heading in the right direction and with some new designers who have joined the team, keep a watchful eye for these cats out of Portland.


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  1. OSD,

    Love the red and gray or the black and red....sweet.

    Happy 4th of July...I may be home nest weekend..can't wait to see you and the family... (mom and CiCi.

    Off to the pool.

    talk soon,
    (nice post)


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