Friday, July 07, 2006


There are many things that are overpriced that I can't understand why we pay for them. For example, I know some folks that pay over $200 for some jeans that look like your typical jeans but may be jazzed-up with some applique or some elaborate embroidery. I can't move myself to spend over $40 for a pair of jeans and the last thing that I want is someone's names emblazoned across my ass! I can recall when the fly girls wore jeans by Jordache, Espirit and Liz and the fellas wore jeans by Levi, Lee and the occasional dungerees that had the pockets in the front that weren't deep enough to fit jack; I called them firemen pants because alot of fire fighters seemed to wear them for some reason, maybe because they were bell bottoms and it was easy to put their fire boots.

Another item that is overpriced and wasn't mass produced by every company in America- bottled water. There are brands such as Evian(which spelled backwards spells Naive), Bling H2O, Fiji and Spa that state that they come from different countries and various water sources but if you ask me, they all come from Bubba's well in Mississippi. Bubba has become a rich man by selling water.

Some other things that are ridiculously overpriced are socks. Now, granted there are some good socks that do everything from wicking moisture away from your feet and those that have built-in antimicrobial chemicals to kill foot odor and the likelihood of athlete's foot but when I see stores selling one a pair socks for $10, I shout, "DAMN!" like Chris Tucker in FRIDAY. I look at the sales associates and just shake my head because they too know that the price is overpriced.

On a final note, as I can go on for many moons about overpriced things, sneakers,too, have gotten to the point of being overpriced. Yes, the technology and the materials have gotten better but when companies want me to pay $150 or more for some sneakers which are made to play tennis, basketball or run in, I think what have WE created. You see, it's our damn fault for letting the manufacturers get away with their astronomical prices. We're the ones that keep paying more money for the next Air Jordan, Adidas Stan Smith or Reebok Court Victory. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

It's one thing to like nice things but as we know at OSD, once you acquire that well sought after item we quickly move on to the next item in the scope. The hunt never ends.

What item is within your scope? Post a comment about this article or what your hunting for these days. Thank you.


  1. Can I get 2 cold bottles of that "Bubba's Water?" Not flavored either :)

  2. Good post! I couldn't agree more. When I see companies trying to charge $300 and up for jeans, it' a big turn-off. It's like what, I need your denim on my ass to be cool? I've always felt like you either got style in you or you don't.


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