Thursday, August 24, 2006

#24 loves the kids

I'm going with the kids theme these days because they are honest, unlike the adults that tell you one thing to your face and do another behind your back.

Recently, at the unveiling of the Playstation 2- NBA '07, Kobe gave us a glimpse of his love of kids and his willingness to be himself. Kobe loves the kids and the kids love him, eventhough he has changed his jersey number to 24, having dropped the number 8. I guess the Mamba has gotten rid of the old skin and welcomes the newness of a new number.

Also, when given a pair of the ultra-limited Playstation Air Force 1s (size 14), Kobe's facial expression sums it all up for any sneaker lover.

*Pictures courtesy of Hattrick of ISS. Thank You!*


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