Friday, August 25, 2006

Obsessive or Obsessing?

There are so many things to obsess over in life and I just received an email with the Copter game that I have to beat. I make know excuses about it, but I'm not a serious video game player, eventhough I can appreciate them.

While growing up, I didn't have video games or Atari....I had educational games such as Speak and Spell or Speak and Math. This is what happens when you have a parent that's an educator. For Christmas, yes, I said CHRISTMAS, I received books and a plethora (you know you like that word) of other educational or mind stimulating games. I guess that's where I get my gift of gab and need to write from.

So, if you're game and try the Copter game and obsess on something else besides what you're going to do or what libations you'll consume this evening. It is Friday afterall!

Copter Game-Click HERE!

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