Friday, September 01, 2006

Can you believe it?

For the past couple months, I've been a little pissed-off at Nike. Not only are they flooding the market with kicks, they continue to retro sneakers that will make 'heads accross the land cream in their pants. Just because they ask for it, doesn't mean you should give it to them; it's just like a 6 year old begging to go to Six doesn't mean you should pile the folks in the family SUV and head to the park when the weather is calling for thunderstorms. It just DOESN'T make sense!!

Nike has decided to retro the Air Tech Challenges, as sneaker worn by Andre Agassi, who put on a show of grit and fortitude that would make even Madonna proud. It comes as no surprise that Agassi is on his last leg of his playing-tennis-days while rocking the three stripes. The fact that Agassi jumped shipped and bolted over to Adidas was crazy to me, almost as wild as DMC leaving Adidas and heading to Le Coq Sportif (even though he's rocking JORDAN sneakers and gear in this photopraph, while helping rebuild in New Orleans with JB.).

The Air Tech Challenges are slated to be released in April 2007. Should you start lining up now to get your pair? A resounding, "HELL No!"

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