Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Class Act

You know what? There are very few people nowadays that evoke thoughts of classiness. Think of Denzel think a classy man (Ladie, I know he is a good looking man that I will state for the record is handsome.) Think of Harry think classy with a calypso swing.

When I saw pictures of James Blake rockin' the ill Agassi gear from '92, I had to tip my fitted towards Blake. Only someone of his character and style could pull it off and rock the flourescent colors and bandana.

Agassi vs. Blake (September 21, 2005) having battled it out until the wee hours of the quarters.

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  1. It's a classic 80's look....I will forever be haunted by 80's neon. Agassi will be a tennis legend that people won't forget for the Canon commericals and the bald dome. I am glad I am in the club (dome) not tennis.

    Off to move...UGH.

    Hope you are well.



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