Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A few of my favorite things..

Working it out on a Wednesday is always funny and interesting all at the same time. You see, for most folks who work in an office, they have folks coming up to them and asking how the meeting went with the Finance department or how the sales pitch went with the client that they're pursuing. The key here being, looking forward to Friday and saying, "It's Hump Day!"

When did Wednesday become 'Hump Day'? Did it come about in the '50s or '60s when the industrial boom was at it's peak or was it later on when men returned from the Vietnam War and struggled to reconnect society and find a job that wasn't boring? I don't know when and how 'Hump Day' came into existence, but I must say that I love Wednesdays and I love them even more because of a few of these things:

Seeing pictures of MJ looking like a cat right off the streets of North Carolina playing golf.....priceless.

Kobe's facial expression when receiving a pair of Sony Playstation Air Force 1s.

A young Michael rockin' Adidas!

BODEGA tees!

On this day way back when:

The NBA on this day in 1984 decided to fine Michael Jordan for the Nike sneakers he wore due to the sneakers not conforming to the NBAs color rules...sneakers had to have white in the upper. The Air Jordan 1 was black and red and came with two sets of laces, black & red so that the wearer could change the laces.

MJ was fined each game for wearing the black and red sneakers and rumor has it that the fine was $5,000 per game.

The Air Jordan 1 was released on March 29, 1985 and the retail price was $64.99.


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