Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jealous Ones Still Envy

The Don Cartegena is one of those cats that seemed to get 'it' from a young age. He knew that whatever he wanted he had to hustle for it and, "put in the work." He's moved past his days of moving weight, but he certainly hasn't forgotten how to stack with the best of them. Homeboys money is long and he's quick to say," I know I'm Blessed....but I want that Jordan money, son!"

If you happened to tune in on Tuesday, Oct. 17th to the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors you saw Jose rip it with the likes of Melle Mel and Furious 5. Crack is known to change his outfits and kicks frequently whenever he performs and he certainly didn't disappoint at the Hip-Hop Honors.

Now, the sneakerheads that watched the triple H not only paid attention to the music, we also focused on the kicks and attire, which seemed to include alot of denim and lumberjack plaid of years past. Shit, there was so much plaid I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't '92 and Tupac was starring in Juice! Some styles need to stay locked in the attic and lumberjack plaid is definitely one of them. Sneakerheads saw Joey Crack rock the Spiz'ikes with the accompanying jacket emblazoned with the MARS logo. Who cares if the sneakers and jacket remind folks of Christmas. Christmas can be whenever you'd like it to be, right? (Just think, right now in Brooklyn cats are lining up at Premium Goods waiting to get their Spizikes on Saturday (21st) and hopefully their pair will be signed by Spike Lee.)

Peep some pictures of Joey Crack and pay attention to his footwork next time you see one of his videos.

Honorable Mention:
Check out TrendyNation and get some more insight on the triple H and the fashion trends from a real fashion trendspotter...Lois.

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