Thursday, October 26, 2006

Some new joints

My sneakers have a way of making grown men cry, point and stare. Well, not quite but the reaction usually goes something like this: I walk through the mall and a youngin' happens to be walking towards me, he looks me dead in the eyes as if to ask, "what's up wit you?" He then proceeds to work his way down to my feet and there, it hits him straight between the eyes like Robin Hood did rich and his facial expression is a stifled "Oh, Shit! Those kicks are sick", but he's got to play it cool (it's call Cool Pose and all men are taught it from a young age.) On occasion, I may get the traditional "hail-up head nod" or from time to time he may quickly turn to his boy, smacking him on the shoulder to look at my kicks. I simply smile. Priceless.

My brother from another mother, Snuggles McDuggal, hit me with some pictures from that spot in GA that gets all the heat rocks ahead of schedule. Peep how the folks at Prestigious get down.
Air Jordan 22!

Air Jordan 3 Fire Red


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