Friday, October 27, 2006

Fame & Fortune

The saying goes that when you have fame and fortune there are always people that are looking to pull you down. Well, some people in Miami took it to an all-time low:

Dwyane Wade leads the Heat to a NBA Championship; he wins the MVP trophy; remains humble and gives thanks and praise to God and his family for believing in him; loves his sister Tragil that is quick to slap him in the head and tell it like it is.

So, the haters didn't do anything to Wade, who since winning a Championship had to hire security to roll with him, but they did find his 2006 Range Rover and check out what happened.



Honorable mention:
The new Wade Converse 1.3. Wade will be rockin' the Black and Gold joints on opening night, Oct. 31, as they host the Chicago Bulls and receive their Championship rings. The white, red and black pair has been worn during preseason games.

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