Tuesday, December 05, 2006

2006 Sportsman of the Year: Wade

Well, the votes have been tallied and Sports Illustrated has named Dwyane Wade as the 2006 Sportsman of the Year! I had a strong feeling that Wade would win the honor, but from time-to-time I can be wrong.

D. Wade has been a constant beacon for kids and the larger community in Miami and Chicago. When Wade was growing up in the City of Wind, many people knew he was 'special', such as his family and extended family at his church. You see, when you're 'special' there are many people that want to get close to you to further their own agendas. For the Wade family the keys to success have always been about remaining humble, respectful and faithful that God has Blessed them in many ways.

In this day and age when the news media and even magazines want to report all-things drama-related, it's refreshing to hear about a guy that loves his family, knows that he is 'special' and Blessed and shares his gifts. It's the true meaning of Stewardship, isn't it?

Congratulations Dwyane Wade and I look forward to seeing you at All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas.

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