Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Sneakerhead in the White House?

Can sneakerheads get political and start a movement for the upcoming 2008 Presidential elections? I’m not sure if this is a fair question to ask because as the world learns more about the ‘sneakerhead’ community, many have been quick to dismiss ‘heads as a bunch of fakers who only care about their sneakers and attire.

With the races getting jump started by the likes of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards it’s no surprise that Barack Obama has launched his own exploratory committee to ‘test the waters’ on a run for the White House.

As a number of sneakerheads approach that age of 18-years old where the males have to register with the Selective Service and register to vote, it’s going to be very interesting to see if these women and men do register and, as Puffy states “VOTE or DIE”.

It’s too early to make sweeping remarks because I’ve been known to be wrong a few times and I’m not too proud to admit it (It’s tough to admit, but I wasn’t raised a fool.). Time will only tell as a number of candidates will make their way through New Hampshire onto other ‘key’ states. Who knows, we may catch one or two candidates stumpin’ in their Air Force 1s? I’m not going to hold my breath because I’d have a better chance of seeing DJ Clark Kent rock the same pair of AF1s more than once.

Time will only tell and until then, I have to remain, humbly yours…….A Classic.


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