Saturday, August 04, 2007

Rock, Paper, Sneakers Exhibit

I love it when people get creative and think outside the box, because these days the sneakers that are being released are cookie-cutter-like and the sneaker companies are confused as hell. Think about it for a minute, walk into any Footlocker, Footaction, Finish Line or box store and you'll see alot of sneakers that will leave you scratching your head in digust and confusion saying to yourself, "Who dreamed up this color combination and use of materials?" Well, the answer may not be easy to figure out, but I'm sure there is a buyer out there who thinks they're fly and quickly breaks out the paper or plastic. Keep it movin' and good luck!

Rock Paper Sneakers is an art Exhibition that features collaborations with top local designers, street artists, photographers, tattoo and ink artists, including Conduit Design, Theory One, Kronk, Sibot, Enos, Rasty, Disk, Robin Sprong, Jade, Tocil, Grotti Comics, Martine Jackson, Ricky Lawerence, Count Sabutl, Dr Zulu.


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