Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sneaker Wars: 2008 Olympics

The games haven't begun yet and we're 364 days away from the opening ceremony, but that hasn't stopped the likes of Nike, Adidas and Li-Ning for jockeying for position at the 2008 Olympics taking place in Beijing, China.

The "Northern Capital", which is the literal translation of Beijing, also formerly known as Peking, is quickly being built-up and readied for the athletes from around the world that will converge on the City in July 2008.

With so many people looking toward the Olympics, it's no surprise that Adidas, Nike and Li-Ning are licking their chops hoping that the athletes that wear their brand of clothing and footwear end up prominently atop the podium. We'll have to wait 'til next year to see who takes the podium, but in the meantime you can read some comments made by Charlie Denson, Nike Brand President, Paul Pi, adidas vice president of marketing, Greater China, and Zhang Zhiyong, President & CEO, Li-Ning.

Click HERE to read Darren Rovell's interview.


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